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Lg Boats & Bottom Paint
Bottom Painting and Barrier Coating
Largest Boats in Arizona

Boats that remain in Arizona's lakes should probably
be bottom painted every 3-5 years because fiberglass
is prone to osmotic blistering and fouling.
Electrolysis is the process by which water gets into the laminate,
reacts with the resin and forms blisters,
leading to the breakdown of the laminate and cracking.
Once the gel coat is breached in this manner,
the underlying laminate is capable of absorbing water like a sponge.
Fouling is a product of changing water qualities and
temperatures which produce different types and breeds of fouling.
Shells, weeds and slime are all fouling that want to
attach themselves to your boat.
Once established, they can rapidly spread or colonize the surface.
Foulings add weight to your boat and cause drag,
which increases your fuel consumption and reduces plane.
Prevention is better than the cure of having to remove the
fouling by scraping. Barrier coating seals up the
laminate and fills any areas voided of resin.
Anti-Fouling provides a water barrier to prevent re-occurrence of damage.

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